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Standing out in the busy streets the Sirius puts out a strong 550 lumens in a wide beam for all round great visibility on the road, and with excellent side visibility to help keep you safe and seen. There are now more cars on the road than ever and modern motoring life is full of distractions – radio, satellite navigation, and hands free mobile phones to name a few… 80% of all traffic accidents involving cyclists occur during the daytime (source: ROSPA 2014).

Our new DayBright pulse pattern is designed to cut through the distractions of busy roads and visual noise in modern motoring and is visible from over a Kilometre away, even in the brightest of sunlight.

With convenient USB charging and a quick release bracket, it makes the Sirius the perfect commuters light of choice. CNC Aluminium bodywork is packed with innovative patented technologies, managing power and optimising brightness.


- Smart Port Technology +
- Daybright Mode
- Cable Free Design
- Side illumination
- Intelligent Thermal Management
- Optimised Mode Selector
- Fuel Gauge
- USB Charging
- Made in the UK

In the box: Sirius MK5, TraceR, Handlebar bracket, Seatpost bracket, USB charge cable, Micro USB charge cable, Quick start guide



Run Time:

High - 2hr

Low - 36hrs


Sirius - 550

TraceR - 75


Sirius - 2,900mAh

TraceR - 700mAh

Charge Time:

4 hrs


L - 100mm x D - 28mm


Sirius - 80g

TraceR 39g



USB Rechargeable

Exposure Lights incorporate USB charging for easy charging on the fly.

Smart Port +

SPT+ enabled lights automatically recognise accessories allowing you to power additional front and rear lights, use the Remote Switch and charge USB devices on the move.  Patented

Cable Free Design

The primary design feature of Exposure Lights, Cable Free Design removes the hassle of cables and straps utilising the superb range of brackets for speedy, rock solid attachment.

Intelligent Thermal Management

Controlling the temperature of the LEDs is important in ensuring that the lights remain as efficient as possible. Patented technology in the circuitry of Exposure Lights stop the light from heating up to a point where the light loses power due to the elevated temperature.



Recommended Use


XC - 1%

ROAD - 100%

COMMUTE - 100%


Light Compare Tool