MOB Frequently asked questions

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What is the MOB light?

  • A floating personal search light, 1300 lumens, with Man Overboard Technology (MOBT)

How is it different to other search lights?

  • Cable free – freedom to move around vessel and always available to hand
  • Multiple modes and compact size make it suitable as a work light and a searchlight
  • MOBT (Man Over Board Technology– motion and water activated Strobe which you can wear or throw to a MOB

How many modes are there and how long do they last?

  • 3 modes – High (1 hours),  Medium (5 hours), Low (20 hours)

How many Programs are there?

​The MOB light has 2 spot light programs, alongside the Strobe.

Program 1 offers three spot light modes - high, medium and low beam, for search work and general use around the boat.

Program 2 is a high power spot light mode only, popular for search work and also for professional sail trimmers​

How do I turn it ON, change power and turn it OFF?

  • Double click the button to turn it on – single click the button to change mode – press and hold the button to turn it OFF

How do I enter and exit single click program?

  • Point the light towards the ground and click the button 7 times in quick succession – the change is indicated with multiple fast flashes

What is special about MOBT?

  • Prevents accidental activation by sensing the motion of a throw or a fall
  • The MOB then looks for 5 second connection on terminals before turning on
  • The light is designed with drainage holes around the gold plated terminals to prevent water collecting

If used as a torch, how do I know it will have enough power as an emergency strobe?

  • When MOBT is active the rear button will either pulsate a colour or be solid red. This is a clear indication of the amount of strobe run time remaining
  • If there is less than 5 hours (SOLAS requirement) of strobe reimaging the rear button becomes solid red and the front white LED’s will also flash once a minute – at this point a charge is highly advised
  • If the button pulsates
    • Green  = 20 – 40 hours of STROBE
    • Orange = 10 – 20 hours of STROBE
    • Red = 5 – 10 hours of STROBE

Will the pulsating drain the battery?

  • It uses a very low current which would take a minimum of 20 days to fully discharge
  • If no motion is felt for 48 hours i.e. it is not being used, the light enters a sleep mode to prevent battery discharge – a single click reactivates MOBT
  • The pulsating also allows for easy location of the torch in the dark

How does the light spread out if thrown into the water?

  • The MOB floats on its side using the surrounding water to act as alight diffuser
  • Will it work if attached to my life jacket and I fall in?
  • Yes - The clear top on the holster allows the STROBE to illuminate the bladder of the life jacket and the surrounding water

What is the MOB made of?

  • Marine grade aluminium, coated with a tough marine anodising to prevent corrosion

How waterproof is the MOB?

  • IPX8 to 5 meters so it can also be used underwater in an emergency or for clearing debris

How do you charge the MOB and how long does it take?

  • The MOB is supplied with a USB cord for global compatibility and it takes around 4 hours for a full charge
  • Any standard 5V USB plug can be used including computer ports
  • Exposure mains plugs and 12/24V chargers are available