SUBM3 Frequenlty Asked Questions

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Exposure SUB M3 Dive light explained

What are the advantages of the SUBM3 better over other dive lights?

  • Rear capacitive switch for ease of use when on the surface.
  • Automatically enters Motion switching underwater.
  • Screen to indicated mode and remaining runtime.
  • Compact, ergonomic neoprene wrist mount.

Why is there not a mechanical switch?
Using a combination of capacitive switching and motion switching eliminates the need for a mechanical switch which is prone to clogging up with sand / salt or suffer from water ingress.


Why is MOTION control not active on the surface?
To prevent the light from turning on accidentally during travelling.

What is the advantage of Motion Control Technology (MCT) over normal switches?

  • The combination of thick gloves, cold hands and poor visibility can make locating and operating mechanical switches difficult. With MCT changing mode underwater is simple. The whole light becomes a switch
  • Rotation control allows the light to be operated without the need to physically touch the light, allowing hands free operation.

Whilst diving, if the light is hanging on a lanyard will it turn ON and OFF by accident?
No, if the light is pointing down it cannot turn ON or OFF.


How do you turn the light on using Tap control?
Tap the light firmly 2 times within 2 seconds.

How do you change mode using Tap control?
Tap the light firmly once and the light will scroll through the power settings.

Can the Tap control sensitivity in MCT be adjusted?
Yes. You are able to choose between 3 sensitivity modes, high, medium and low. The light will arrive in medium sensitivity. High sensitivity means the light will respond to a light tap and low sensitivity will require a firm tap.

How do you change Tap sensitivity for the MCT?
When the light is in travel lock press and hold the silver pad for 3 seconds until TAP is displayed. Then scroll through the 3 sensitivities with each press of the pad. Once the TAP sensitivity appears on the screen i.e. TAP H for high sensitivity, stop pressing the pad and it will lock into that sensitivity. 

OLED DISPLAY explained

What does it mean when LOCKED is displayed on the screen?
The light is in travel lock mode to avoid it turning on by accident. This also acts as visual proof that the light is safe to travel with.

What does it mean when the SURFACE is displayed on the screen?

  • The light is in capacitive switching mode and can be operated using the rear switch.
  • It is not responsive to motion control.

What does it mean when MOTION is displayed on the screen?

  • The light is either underwater or there is a connection between the 2 charge terminals on the back.
  • Motion control is active and is the only way to control the light.

What does CH 68% mean?
It is informing you of the remaining battery as a percentage, in this example there is 68% of the batteries capacity remaining.

What does L 12:10 mean when the light is turned ON?
The letter indicates which mode you are in, so L = Low power. The number indicate the remaining burn time in hours and minutes, so 12 hours and 10 minutes remaining.

SURFACE MODE explained

Why is the capacitive switch not active underwater?
It is pressure sensitive so the depth pressure change would cause accidental switching.

How do you exit travel lock?
On the back of the light double push the rear silver pad which is opposite to the charge terminals. This will take the light out of lock and into SURFACE mode.

On SURFACE mode how do you turn it on and change power?

  • On the back of the light double push the rear silver pad which is opposite to the charge terminals. This will turn the light on to full power mode.
  • To change power simply push the silver pad once.

How do you turn the light OFF?
Press and hold the silver pad until the light turns off.

How do you enter travel lock?
When the light is off and on the surface, press and hold the silver pad until LOCKED is displayed.

POWER settings explained

How many power settings are there?
There are 3 power settings. High which lasts 2 hours, medium is 10 hours and low is 24 hours.

What are the different lumens on each mode?

  • High mode = 1800
  • Medium = 150
  • Low = 50

CHARGING explained

How long does it take to charge the SUB M3?
From zero battery to a full charge takes around 10 hours. Charging from a USB port may take longer.

Can the SUB M3 be left on charge?
Yes it can be left on charge although we advise not to be left charging for longer than 48 hours.

Can the battery be partially charged?
Yes, as it is lithium ion there is no battery memory, so it can be charged briefly to give it a boost between dives.