X2 Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions for the X2

What is the advantage of the X2?
The option of having a red and a white light, with multiple power settings make the X2 extremely versatile. The red light preserves night vision and the white light acts as torch and searchlight.

Why use red light?
The red light makes it suitable for use where night vison for yourself and other people around you is crucial for both safety and efficiency. The low red power mode is dim enough to be used for most local operations whilst also offering 60 hours of run time. The high power setting can clearly illuminate a sail, deck or field, reducing the need for white light in any situation.

Why do you need the white light?
The white light option allows clear colour definition in emergencies and is easily powerful enough to be used as a searchlight / spot light.

Does the X2 float?
Yes it has been carefully deigned to float on its side so that the light will illuminate the surrounding water.

Is it suitable for the marine environment?
Yes it has been built to excel in the marine world with hard anodising and gold plated charging terminal to prevent corrosion.

Is the X2 waterproof?
Yes all of the seals are backed up with o-rings to ensure no water can enter the light.

Can I recharge the X2 from my 12V USB adapter?
Yes the X2 is supplied with a USB charger and a mains charger to allow universal charging.

How do I know which button to press in the dark?
The 2 function buttons faintly glow either red or green for 12 hours after you use it. The red glow is for the red output and the green glow is for the white output. This also helps you find the light in the dark.

How do you turn the X2 on?
Double click the function button.

How do you change mode?
A single click of the function button.

Is there a strobe mode?
Yes, when the light is on simply hold the left button down until strobe is activated.

Is there an S.O.S mode?
Yes, this can be switched on by double pressing the button and holding it down on the second press until S.O.S is turned on.

How long does it take to charge?
From a complete discharge it takes 4 hours. It can be part charged at any point and left on charge for 48 hours an then we advise it is disconnected.

Is it built in the UK?
 Yes, Exposure Lights build their product in Bury, West Sussex. This allows close monitoring of quality and the ability to continuously improve and evolve alongside technology.