*Exposure Lights, Official Supplier to the ACWS event, fitted each boat with a set of their new cable-less Outdoor Event LED Spotlights to ensure they were visible to shipping and spectators on their Harbour moorings at night.


Compact, wireless, rechargeable lights designed for lighting all types of indoor or outdoor events and exhibitions, especially where an electricity supply may be unavailable or expensive to install.

Highlight products, objects or people to make them stand out in a poorly lit room or vast areas during the evening and night.  Bright and vibrant cool white - Exposure combine both high colour temperature LEDs, around 5500 kelvin and low colour temperature LED to create a blend of warm colouring which mimics the natural tones visible in daylight whilst accentuating colours and utilising the cool white light to pierce and highlight through sunlight or halogen bulbs. The final colour temperature is 4250 kelvin


Maximum power of 3200 lumens

Up to 24 hour runtime

Weather resistant

Colour temperature adjusted for natural colour emphasis


Light weight

Easily mountable

OLED Display

Fuel gauge

Optimum mode selector

Hand Made in UK

Product Specifications

Max Lumens
3600 | Reflex 4750
Run Time
High - 2hrs | Low 36hrs
Li Ion 15,500mAh
L - 118mm x D - 61mm

For further information and pricing please contact us on tel: 01798 839300 or email: info@use.group