Ultimate Sports Engineering, manufacture of Exposure Lights, pride themselves in being a true British engineering and manufacturing company. Situated on Bury Mill Farm the offices and manufacturing look out over the South Down’s way and only are short drive from Chichester harbour.
Whilst a lot of manufactures moved production to the Fareast, Ultimate Sports Engineering has found strength in its British manufacturing. Maintaining control over the product assembly process enables us to react quickly to market demands and the rapidly improving technology.
Key to a fluid production process is maintaining an effective local supply chain. Our product life cycle from conception to shipping is outlined below to give you an understanding about where your light has come from.

Solent / South Downs / Worldwide: Testing and evaluate existing products.
U.S.E Ltd Head Quarters, Bury: Design and 3D model prototype parts
Portsmouth: PCB design and programing
U.S.E Ltd Head Quarters, Bury: CNC machine for prototype design concept
Cambridge: Prototype PCBs
U.S.E Ltd Head Quarters, Bury: Build up prototype products
Solent / South Downs / Worldwide: Test and evaluate prototype
U.S.E Ltd Head Quarters, Bury: Final design approval, production volume aluminium parts CNC machined
Far East: Full production volume PCBs manufactured
Portsmouth: CNC machined aluminium parts anodised for protection
U.S.E Ltd Head Quarters, Bury: final product assembled from start to finish
U.S.E Ltd Head Quarters, Bury: quality control and packing
U.S.E Ltd Head Quarters, Bury: Shipping worldwide