Exposure Lights Pro-Purchase scheme                   

The Exposure Pro-Purchase Scheme is designed for professional associations who require superior product to carry out their work in the field. Our handmade lights have CNC aluminium bodies, providing a tough exterior. We use the highest quality Cree LEDs and high quality lithium ion batteries for unparalleled performance, making them the ideal lighting solution for the demanding environment of search and rescue.

We at Exposure recognise the importance in the work that professional organisations within the Emergency Services and their affiliated bodies do to protect and help people in need. In acknowledgment of this vital service we grant concessions to support this work with the following discounts:

Pricing Tiers:
Individual. 1 unit 30% off SRP.
Team. 2 – 10 units 35% off SRP.
Organisation. 10+ units 40% off SRP.

Custom Etch:  All standard graphics on our lights are laser etched on the CNC aluminium body. We do offer an additional service to etch on association logos, numbers for allocation purposes, contact numbers for lost and found units or any other information you require. This has a flat fee of £50. Logos are required as a vector file.

To qualify for the Pro-Purchase Scheme individuals or organisations must provide proof of membership to a professional body.

Eligible bodies include:
Cave Rescue
Community First Responders
Fire Service
Mountain and Lowland Rescue
NHS Paramedics
Police Force

For further information about the Exposure Pro-Purchase Scheme please email propurchase@use.group